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2018 #KC Student of the Year, Trey Stubbs

(Taken from Trey's nomination)

"Trey Stubbs is an example to so many at PHS. He represents someone who has been to hell and back and has chosen to share his very personal experiences with others to help them. I only share this with you because he has shared it publicly and spoken to groups about it.

Trey went through some things a few years ago and even got to the point that he was ready to take his own life. He required hospitalization and therapy to bounce back from his depression. He learned so much about how to manage his own emotions that he shares what he went through with others who are going through the same thing. His impact on others at PHS has been immeasurable.

Trey also has been asked numerous times to be an advocate for some of the younger boys who are struggling with anger and self-esteem. He will walk and talk with them while drinking a soda. But most importantly, he just listens.

He has also been part of our C2C Ambassadors who have visited the 7th and 8th grade classes a few times this year to talk to them about being True RAMS. These adolescents are struggling to act as they should and are not treating others with respect, so by listening to these older students, they realize it's Cool 2 Care!

I could go to Trey for anything I need with about anyone at this school and feel confident that he could help the situation."

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